Creating Requisitions PeopleSoft Guide | (.pdf)

Assets on Requisitions and Purchase Orders | (.doc)

Canceling/Closing Requisitions (Encumbrance Management)
Navigation: PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal >> PeopleSoft Enterprise Documents >> Training Documents >> Encumbrance Management Class >> Encumbrance Management and Voucher Cleanup

Entering Multiple Year Contracts | (.doc)

Entering against Future Fiscal Years | (.doc)

Finding Multiple Vendors for One ePro Catalog Item Number

RICOH eProcurement User Guide

Investigating Budget Errors

PEN Business Card Cash Sale Form | SF 54197

Req/PO Type Codes

Understanding and Searching UNSPSC

Approving a Requisition


When searching the IARA website for a State Form:
Click on the gray button that says “State Employee Login”, enter your user name, password and domain and click “ok”, when the search page comes up enter the State Form number in the field and click “search”.