Media Buy Services

QPA 13070, Asher Agency


The Media Buy contract has been established for planning and execution services for all State Agencies. These services include advertising placement for outdoor, print, television, radio, web, in-store, 3rd party and transit.

QPA Number: 13070
Contractor: Asher Agency Inc.

Media 101 Presentation | (.pdf)

Steps to Submit Media Buy Request

  1. Create Purchase Order (fully signed)
  2. Fill out Media Requisition form
  3. Fill out Traffic Requisition form (Radio and TV/Cable spots only)
  4. Submit all documents to OMB Communications for review and approval at
  5. Submit the OMB approved documents, a copy of the purchase order, and the budget amount to Asher Agency at


Media Buy Request Approval

OMB Communications Committee

Vendor Contract Manager

Hailey Kendall, Indiana Department of Administration

VP Strategic Development

Margaret Davidson, Asher Agency


  • Media Requisition Form | (.doc)
  • Traffic Requisition Form | (.doc)