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Media Buy Services

QPA 13070 | Asher Agency


The Media Buy contract has been established for planning and execution services for all State Agencies. These services include advertising placement for outdoor, print, television, radio, web, in-store, 3rd party and transit.

  • Media 101 Presentation | (.pdf)

Steps to Submit Media Buy Request

  1. Create Purchase Order (fully signed)
  2. Fill out Media Requisition form
  3. Fill out Traffic Requisition form (Radio and TV/Cable spots only)
  4. Submit all documents to OMB Communications for review and approval at ombcommunications@omb.in.gov
  5. Submit the OMB approved documents, a copy of the purchase order, and the budget amount to Asher Agency at margaretd@asheragency.com


Media Buy Request Approval

OMB Communications Committee

Vendor Contract Manager

Ann Walker, Indiana Department of Administration

VP Strategic Development

Margaret Davidson, Asher Agency


  • Media Requisition Form | (.doc)
  • Traffic Requisition Form | (.doc)


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