After the Award

The vendor(s) will be contacted to commence contract negotiations after the Award Recommendation has been approved. Approval must be granted by the Director of Procurement and the Commissioner of IDOA or designee.

If a proposal is selected and it is not possible to consummate a contract with the Respondent, IDOA may begin contract preparation with the next qualified Respondent or determine that no such alternate proposal exists.

There are a few additional requirements necessary to do business with the state. They are not required at the time of IDOA bidder registration, but will be necessary as follows:

  • Your company must be registered with the Indiana Secretary of State . Both Indiana companies and out-of-state corporations are subject to this rule (IC 5-22-16-4).
  • In order for the State to issue payment, your company must complete and have on file with the Auditor of State the IRS W9 form and the Automated Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement (SF 47551). Both can be found on the Auditor of State’s website. All payments will be issued electronically by Direct Deposit unless a waiver is granted by the Auditor of State.


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