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How to File a Complaint

The Indiana Ombudsman Bureau receives, answers, and investigates complaints from offenders and/or offenders' family members. The jurisdiction of the Bureau is limited to reviewing matters to determine whether the Department of Corrections has violated any of its policies and procedures.

Complaints should be submitted on the official Ombudsman Complaint Form.

The Indiana Ombudsman Bureau is separate from the DOC; it is housed in the Indiana Department of Administration.

Before Filing a Complaint

  1. The Indiana Ombudsman Bureau suggests that offenders attempt to resolve a complaint at the facility level before sending a complaint to the Bureau. This includes beginning with a counselor or unit housing staff.
  2. After this, any available appeal process should be exhausted and all paperwork should be sent with the complaint to the Bureau. For example, if the issue is grievable then the grievance process should be used or if a conduct report has been filed the disciplinary review process should be utilized.
  3. Once the offender has completed the appeal process, all paperwork should be sent to the Bureau for its review.
Address all complaints to:

Indiana Ombudsman Bureau
402 W. Washington St., W479
Indianapolis, IN 46204

After Filing a Complaint

Once a complaint is filed, the Ombudsman Bureau will try to respond to the complaint within ten business days of receipt of the complaint.

If an investigation is opened on a complaint, a response may take somewhat longer; however, after you file a complaint you will receive a response from the Bureau in some fashion.

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