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The State of Indiana is committed to making purchases that promote the economy, the environment, and the nation. In support of this commitment, “preferences” have been put in place providing advantages to certain types of businesses and products. Respondents must complete the “Claiming Purchasing Preferences” page of the solicitation package in order for preferences to be applied or considered.

Absolute Preferences

An absolute preference allows respondents meeting certain criteria to receive an award without regard to other criteria unless another respondent also claims the preference, meaning that the respondent offering the lowest cost may not be the correct choice for award. There are currently three absolute preferences offered.

Price Preferences

A price preference is offered to allow certain types of businesses or businesses that offer certain types of products to be able to compete for the State’s business while taking into consideration a preference.

If a respondent claims a price preference, a given percentage will be deducted from the price of the item(s) that meet the criteria for that preference, and the newly figured prices will be used for evaluation purposes to determine who should receive the award.

If such a respondent claiming a price preference receives an award, the original quoted amount will be paid for the products or services. Only one price preference may be applied to each item, even if the respondent has indicated they wish to claim multiple preferences. The preference that is most beneficial should be applied. The only exception to this rule is the Indiana Manufactured Preference - this may be claimed in addition to the Indiana Business Preference.


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