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A step-by-step outline to navigating the process:

The State of Indiana requires individuals and companies who seek to do business with the state to register with the appropriate state agencies prior to bidding on contracts. To make the process a bit simpler, here is a basic outline of the steps required to do business with the State of Indiana.

Step 1:

Register with the Indiana Secretary of State

In accordance with IC 5-22-16-4, the Indiana Secretary of State must register any potential contractor or subcontractor that is desiring to perform any portion of the work described in any bid/quote before they can be awarded a purchase order. All out-of-state and in-state limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations, s-corporations, nonprofit corporations and limited liability companies must register. To successfully register with the Secretary of State's office your business must be in good standing with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Step 2:

Register with the appropriate state agency as determined by your bid

The Indiana Department of Administration Procurement Division manages the purchasing and contracting process for all state agencies except the Indiana Department of Transportation. A good rule of thumb: If you want to sell to Indiana state government, register with the Department of Administration.

Indiana Department of Administration Public Works Division must pre-qualify (register) all building designers and planners and all building contractors and subcontractors working on projects valued at over $150,000.

The Indiana Department of Administration Minority And Women's Business Enterprises Division must certify all minority and women-owned business enterprises that wish to provide commodities, professional services or construction services to the state of Indiana. An exception is those businesses that seek to do business with the Indiana Department of Transportation. Please note: Before MWBE certification can be awarded, applicants must also register with the Indiana Department of Administration Procurement Division.

The Indiana Department of Transportation manages contractors and vendors for INDOT projects. Additionally, the Department of Transportation manages the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification for qualifying businesses that would like to bid on INDOT work. Note: A MWBE certified minority- or woman-owned business that would like an INDOT contract should also register as a DBA with the Department of Transportation.

Step 3:

Review the Indiana Code of Ethics

The Ethics Rules from the Indiana Code of Ethics is compiled by the Office of Inspector General and the state Ethics Commission. The ethics rules outline prohibited actions for state employees and contractors.

Step 4:

Register as an Executive Branch Lobbyist

Vendors and contractors who seek to do business with the state and who are not responding to a specific solicitation may need to register as an Executive Branch Lobbyist.

Step 5:

Secure required DNR/IDEM training or licenses

  • Use the Indiana Department of Environmental Management permit wizard to determine if IDEM training or permits are required prior to beginning a Public Works or INDOT construction project.
  • The Department of Natural Resources may require permits for Public Works and INDOT construction projects.

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