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Composting Facility Regulatory Requirements

A person may operate a composting facility only if the person registers the composting facility with IDEM and meets the requirements in Indiana Code 13-20-10, which include, but are not limited to, design, location, and operation of yard waste composting facilities; dust, odor, and noise control; vector and pathogen control (if compost material contains food waste); and annual reporting. To register, a person must submit a Vegetative Matter Composting Facility Registration Application (State Form 50414, available on the IDEM Forms page) to IDEM and receive approval before beginning compost activities. Instructions are provided on the application, which must include:

  • A legal description and topographic map of the site on which the composting facility will be located, including an outline of the operation boundaries on the map
  • An estimate of the end use of the composted materials and the volume of materials that will be processed annually by the facility
  • Compost management procedures, including controls for dust, odors, and noise
  • Procedures for properly storing and disposing of any materials received that are unsuitable for composting
  • Adequate controls provided to prevent groundwater or surface water contamination from leachate and run-off

There is no application fee and registrations are valid for five years. IDEM may revoke a registration if the facility violates any requirements in IC 13-20-10 or any other environmental management laws or rules.


Renewals are due at least 60 days before the expiration date of the current registration. Please use State Form 50414 (available on the IDEM Forms page) for renewals.


Composting facility registrations are not transferable. When property upon which a composting facility is located and/or operating changes ownership, the new owner must apply to IDEM for a new vegetative waste composting facility registration using State Form 50414 if they wish to continue to operate.


Indiana Code 13-20-10-7 requires owners or operators of composting facilities to submit an annual report to IDEM through Re-TRAC Connect by January 31 of each year. The report must summarize the amount and type of material processed by the composting facility during the preceding calendar year and the final disposition of the composted materials. Daily intake records, scale receipts, and other material intake records should be used to calculate the annual amount processed. Facilities without weighing scales should use the most appropriate volume-to-weight conversion factors. For logon or reporting assistance, contact the Office of Land Quality Regulatory Reporting staff.

For Assistance

For more information or assistance with registration, please contact the applicable regional permit staff identified on the Office of Land Quality Solid Waste Permit Staff Map.