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Solid Waste Reporting

Certain permitted or registered solid waste operations in Indiana are required to submit periodic reports to IDEM through Re-TRAC Connect. These reports enable IDEM to track the amount, type, and origin of waste that is handled by each facility, build a framework of data upon which policy and planning decisions can be made, and identify trends that may affect waste management in Indiana.

Quarterly Tonnage Reports

Rules in the Indiana Administrative Code require solid waste land disposal facilities (329 IAC 10-14-1 [PDF]) and processing facilities (329 IAC 11-14-1 [PDF]) to submit quarterly tonnage reports to IDEM on the type, amount, and origin of solid waste they receive. Processing facilities must also report the amount and destination of processed waste or residues that are transported off-site for disposal.

Quarterly tonnage reports must be submitted to IDEM through Re-TRAC Connect by the 15th of the month following the end of each calendar quarter. On-site incinerators are required to report annually by January 15 of the following year. Login instructions are provided once an email is entered.

The Complete Solid Waste Quarterly Report Database contains reports that summarize the information about waste received and sent by disposal facilities and processing facilities. New data is posted annually.

Waste Received
Waste Sent

* Due to database changes, file layouts will not look the same as those for more recent years.

Several different facility types are included in the definition of a processing facility, so they may be listed generically or by one of the more specific terms:

  • Material Recovery Facility
  • Medical Waste Processor
  • Resource Recovery System
  • Shredder
  • Solid Waste Incinerator > =10 Tons/Day
  • Solid Waste Processing Facility - Other
  • Solidification Facility
  • Transfer Station

Registered Composting Facility Annual Report

All registered composting facilities must submit an annual report to IDEM by January 31 each year through Re-TRAC Connect. The report must summarize the amount and type of material received during the previous calendar year and the final disposition of the composted material. Quantities from 1994 to 1997 are expressed in cubic yards, while quantities from 1998 to present are expressed in tons.

Waste Tire Annual Report

All registered waste tire operations that transport, process, or store waste tires must submit a Waste Tire Annual Report before January 31 each year through Re-TRAC Connect. This report summarizes the quantity of waste tires that were transported, processed, and/or stored during the previous calendar year.

Landfill Capacity Survey Map

All permitted municipal solid waste landfills must submit a land capacity survey map by June 15 each year to the appropriate permit manager. The survey must be conducted between December 1 and March 31 to create a map that shows the current contours of the landfill. IDEM uses the survey and map to calculate the landfill’s remaining capacity. All solid waste landfills must submit an annual financial assurance update along with a copy of the existing contour map that delineates the boundaries of all areas into which waste has been placed as of the annual review and certified by a registered professional engineer or registered land surveyor.