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Resources and Guidance

The following guidance documents related to managing waste contain certain information on solid waste and hazardous waste management such as hazardous waste determination, hazardous waste containers, waste classification, use of foundry sand as soil amendment, landfill construction and operation, asbestos waste, and waste tires.

Nonrule Policies

A nonrule policy document (NPD) is intended to clarify for the public IDEM's interpretation of an environmental statute or rule. It is not intended by the agency to have the effect of law, nor is not related solely to internal agency organization.

  • Collecting Static Water Level Measurements and Developing Groundwater Flow Maps (Waste-0033)
  • Contained-in Policy Guidance for RCRA (Waste-0052)
  • Disposal Facility Contingency Plan for Improperly Packaged Asbestos Containing Materials (Waste-0029)
  • Disposal of Empty Containers as Solid Waste (Waste-0005)
  • Guidance for Statistical Evaluation Plan Preparation and Review (Waste-0003)
  • Guidance on Direct Transfer of Infectious Waste at Non-permitted Transfer Operations (Waste-0025)
  • Important Notice Regarding the Yard Waste Disposal Ban (Waste-0019)
  • Important Notice Regarding Whole Waste Tire Disposal Ban (Waste-0007)
  • Methane Monitoring Program (Waste-0056)
  • Management of Hazardous Waste Residues Removed from Empty Containers (Waste-0008)
  • Post-Closure Uses of Solid Waste Disposal Facilities (Waste-0026)
  • Storage of Type III Foundry Sands Prior To Legitimate Use (Waste-0027)
  • Use of Foundry Sand in Accordance with House Enrolled Act 1541 (Waste-0028)
  • Use of Foundry Sand in Land Application and as a Soil Amendment (Waste-0040)
  • Use of Waste Tires as an Alternative Fuel Source (Waste-059)
  • Waste Classification of Railroad Ties and Utility Poles (Waste-0031)
  • Waste Status of CCA Treated Wood (Waste-0006)

Hazardous Waste Resources

U.S. EPA Resources

Nation-wide waste management efforts and some standards are coordinated by the United State Environmental Agency's (U.S. EPA) Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response. IDEM works together with U.S. EPA Region 5 to address Indiana's solid waste management problems. The U.S. EPA publishes an annual report to provide an historical perspective and establish trends in types of municipal solid waste (MSW) generated and in the ways that MSW is managed in the U.S.

Other Governmental Entities

Government entities that deal with solid waste issues: