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Reports and Fees

Certain types of permitted and registered waste facilities in Indiana must submit regular reports and pay periodic fees based on their activity.


Solid waste operations must submit reports depending on what tasks they do. These reports supply IDEM with information regarding how much waste is handled within the state along with the type and origin. Looking through the reports can enable IDEM to spot trends that can assist in the management of waste within Indiana.

Hazardous waste reports are designed based upon how much waste is generated. Once a certain quantity has been reached, then it is the responsibility of the generator to submit the appropriate reports. In some instances all that is required is a notification. They work differently, but are just as important for hazardous waste monitoring.


IDEM issues many different types of permits and registrations for facilities that manage waste. In order to obtain one these authorizations, applicants must often submit application fees with their requests. After IDEM approves an authorization, some specific types of operations must pay annual flat-rate fees to maintain their permit or registration. They may possibly owe additional fees based on the amount of waste they manage.