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Permitted, Registered, and Approved Facilities and Operations

IDEM’s Office of Land Quality (OLQ) has issued permits, registrations, or approvals to these waste management facilities and operations:

Confined Feeding Operations (CFOs) and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs):

  • Spreadsheets of pending and issued CFO and CAFO permits are available on OLQ’s Animal Farms portal.

Hazardous Waste Management Facilities:

Solid Waste Management Facilities and Operations:

  • Pending Solid Waste Facility Applications [PDF]
  • Permitted Solid Waste Facilities List [PDF] includes:
    • Solid Waste Land Disposal Facilities
      • Construction/demolition (C/D) landfills (i.e., C/D sites)
      • Municipal solid waste landfills (MSWLFs)
      • Non-municipal solid waste landfills (non-MSWLFs)
      • Restricted waste sites (Types I, II, and III)
    • Solid Waste Processing Facilities
      • Incinerators
      • Material recovery facilities
      • Medical or infectious waste treatment facilities
      • Other processing facility operations, such as a distribution hub
      • Plasma arc or other heat treatment facilities
      • Resource recovery systems
      • Solid waste shredders, such as engineered wood grinding operations
      • Solid waste solidification facilities
      • Transfer stations

Registered Facilities:

Locations of Active, Approved Solid Waste Management Facilities and Operations:

For the street address of a facility or operation, please note the permit or registration number and find it in the applicable list above this section.

Locations of Approved Collection Container Systems

Please contact the applicable solid waste management district listed on the Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts website to find an approved collection container system.