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Managing Waste

Hoosiers generate many types of solid and hazardous wastes on a daily basis. Everyone is responsible for properly managing their waste so it does not negatively affect human health or the environment.

State and federal laws and rules contain strict standards for handling, processing, and disposing of household, municipal, commercial, and industrial waste to prevent negative impacts to the environment and human health from improper waste management, such as the illegal open dumping or open burning of trash.

The Office of Land Quality (OLQ) works to ensure that waste is transported, treated, stored, processed, and disposed of appropriately by regulating specific waste industries and activities. OLQ administers solid waste and hazardous waste permit, registration, and notification programs that define the limits of environmentally acceptable behavior in Indiana. Staff provide compliance and technical assistance to the regulated community and inspect and monitor facilities and activities to ensure compliance. OLQ takes enforcement actions as necessary to ensure compliance and updates public records to inform Hoosiers about activities involving their environment.