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Data and Reports

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) UST Branch maintains a database concerning the Branch's activities. The following information is available for download in a filtered Excel format and is updated in accordance with the schedule listed in the description.

IDEM is providing this information at no charge and therefore technical support is not available to assist you with interpreting or using the data. If you have specific questions about UST facility you may contact the UST Branch.

Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) Claim Payout Report

The information within the ELTF Claim Payout Report [XLSX] is based on the payment information submitted to the State of Indiana Auditor’s Office from IDEM. The information in the report was updated at the end of calendar year 2020.

Underground Storage Tanks Public Record Summary

  • The Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires each state to publish an annual record of information about its underground storage tanks (USTs). The Public Record Summary on USTs [PDF] became effective on January 1, 2023.

Excess Liability Trust Fund Claim Status Search

  • Real-time information on the progress of Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) claims is available through the ELTF Claim Status Search.

Underground Storage Tanks Report

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Report

  • The LUST Report [XLSX] (updated February 2024) lists all of the LUSTs in IDEM’s database. The report lists a priority and a disposition for each site. IDEM assigns a priority to each site to ensure that the ones with the greatest chance of impacting people are cleaned up first. The priority is based on information submitted by the responsible party and/or their consultant.
    • High priority sites have one or more of these conditions:
      • Measurable free product
      • Drinking water impacts
      • Surface impacts
      • Vapors in buildings or utilities
    • Medium priority sites have no high priority conditions, but there is possible ground water contamination.
    • Low priority sites only have soil contamination.
    • Unknown priority means there is not enough information to make a priority determination.

IDEM also assigns a disposition -- open, closed, or other -- to every LUST site:

  • Open:
    • Active – The LUST is currently undergoing site characterization or corrective action.
    • Monitored natural attenuation – The LUST is approved to allow corrective action to happen through natural processes, with monitoring.
    • Discontinued – Discontinued sites are still active, but IDEM designates them as "discontinued" for different reasons, including:
    • The site was referred to another program because the release is not from a regulated UST.
    • The facility identification number and the LUST number were assigned based on a complaint, and not to a known facility.
    • The LUST is a dead end because the owner cannot be located, and it is a lower priority based on site information and potential threats to human health and the environment.
  • Closed:
    • NFA - Conditional Closure – The site was granted a “no further action (NFA)” because it was closed with an environmental restrictive covenant.
    • NFA - Unconditional Closure – The site was granted an NFA because it was closed without property use restrictions.
    • NFA - VRP 96 – The site was granted an NFA because it was closed utilizing 1996 Voluntary Remediation Program guidance.
    • NFA - Spill Recovery Response – The site was granted an NFA because the spill was adequately addressed and did not affect subsurface soils or ground water.
  • Other:
    • Deactivated – A facility reported a suspected release but later confirmed that no release occurred. These are not LUSTs.
    • Complaint – A complaint was made regarding suspected contamination but no Notification for USTs was submitted and a source is unknown.
    • No Paper File – The site has no file documentation such as a Notification for USTs, release reports, investigation reports, etc. The only record for the facility or LUST is an electronic record in IDEM’s LUST database.

Delivery Prohibition List

  • IDEM “red-tags” noncompliant UST systems to prohibit fuel deliveries. The Delivery Prohibition List [XLS] shows USTs that are currently out of compliance.

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