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Laws and Rules

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Office of Land Quality administers Indiana’s underground storage tank (UST) programs, which are governed by the following laws and rules. State laws come from the Indiana Code (IC) and state rules come from the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC). Federal Regulations come from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) has approved Indiana’s UST program, and IDEM is the implementing agency. It is responsible for UST compliance, corrective action, and has the lead role in UST program enforcement. Therefore, owners and operators of regulated in USTs in Indiana do not have to deal with two sets of statutes and regulations (state and federal) that may be conflicting.

The guidance on this website does not replace the laws or rules and does not overrule any other applicable regulations. IDEM recommends that you use the laws and rules as your primary reference, and use the website to help you to apply them.

Underground Storage Tanks

All regulated UST systems must be registered with IDEM. Every UST system in use and every new UST system to be put in use must have proper design and construction to prevent corrosion, spill and overfill protection, and a leak detection system. These systems must be correctly operated, maintained, and inspected. A contractor or worker certified by the Indiana State Fire Marshal must be present on-site at all times during installation, testing, upgrading, closures, removals, or change-in-service of the UST system. Tank owners and operators are required to report releases to IDEM within 24 hours of discovery and take immediate actions to prevent further release into the environment.

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