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Indiana Recycling Roundtable Discussions

Recycling stakeholders across Indiana are invited to attend IDEM’s quarterly virtual recycling roundtable discussions. The discussions provide a chance for stakeholders to discuss issues, share resources, and find solutions to current challenges facing recyclers and Indiana's recycling industry. The purpose is to facilitate solutions to help Indiana meet its goal of a 50% recycling rate while helping to spur economic growth in recycling markets.

Indiana recycling stakeholders, including solid waste haulers, municipalities, recyclers, manufacturers, composters, educational institutions, non-profit advocacy groups, solid waste management districts, environmental contractors, industry groups, and others are encouraged to attend.

Upcoming Recycling Roundtable Discussions:

The next Recycling Roundtable Discussion will be scheduled for late 2023.

Past Recycling Roundtable Discussions Recordings:

Organics Collection & Management

The August 30, 2023, discussion addressed organics waste collection and management to increase landfill diversion and support sustainability goals. Learn from frontline leaders as they discuss community-scale composting and organics waste diversion best management practices. Speakers discussed different methodologies, education, and contamination reduction strategies to run a successful composting operation.

Waste Audits and Data Measurement

The May 11, 2023, discussion addressed waste audits and data collection to reduce contamination and increase recycling rates. Speakers discussed different approaches to identify the materials that make up your solid waste stream to better develop and implement successful waste diversion programs.

Education and Outreach

The September 27, 2022 discussion addressed education and outreach efforts to reduce contamination and increase recycling rates. Speakers discussed different approaches to engage a variety of audiences and promote awareness of the importance of recycling and recycling right. You will learn about state and local education efforts and discuss tips and tricks for best outreach impact.

Funding for Recycling Programs

The June 22, 2022 discussion addressed funding for recycling programs. Transportation, contamination fees, and other processing hurdles are all causing recycling costs to rise. Speakers discussed upcoming grant opportunities on both the state and federal level as well as funding mechanisms to run a successful recycling program.

Successful Recycling Programs

The March 16, 2022 included a panel discussion of speakers discussed best practices that have helped their recycling programs succeed as well as the current challenges programs are facing and tactics to avoid disruptions in service. Continued discussion by a second panel revolved around current recycling trends and what recycling programs will look like in the future as we work towards a circular economy.

Public Private Partnerships

The December 8, 2021 discussion addressed the importance of developing public-private partnerships to leverage different stakeholders’ areas of expertise and resources. It included presentations that highlighted successful partnerships that reduce waste and increase diversion and recovery of material for recycling.

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