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Welcome to Recycle Indiana! The recycling section of IDEM aims to reduce municipal solid waste and help Indiana reach and sustain a recycling rate of 50 percent. The recycling section staff work with partners across the state to promote recycling and provide technical assistance to individuals, businesses, solid waste management districts, schools, municipalities, and other organizations to find appropriate disposal methods for recyclable materials.

Featured Topics

$3.7 Million Available for Recycling and Waste Diversion Projects in Central Indiana

The Central Indiana Waste Diversion Project (CIWDP) Grants have been renewed for a second round by HEA 1512. Central Indiana businesses can apply starting July 1, 2024, for up to $3.7 million in funding to implement projects that divert waste from final disposal in Central Indiana.

Applications should demonstrate an understanding of the infrastructure, supply chain, and changing economy for recyclers and seek solutions where organizations and communities can most effectively use monies to increase waste diversion in Central Indiana. Funding consideration factors include the amount and type of waste diverted from landfills through the project and the potential for productive reuse of the diverted waste, with priority given to the largest amount of waste diversion potential through the project.

For more information, including eligibility requirements and project guidelines, or to apply, visit the Central Indiana Waste Diversion Projects page.

Recycling Roundtable Discussion: Guest Speaker - RecycleForce

Join us on Thursday, July 18 from 2:00-3:30 p.m. ET via MS Teams for a Recycling Roundtable Discussion with guest presenters from RecycleForce.

IDEM hosts a series of quarterly meetings to discuss issues, share resources, and find solutions to current challenges facing recyclers and Indiana's recycling industry. The purpose is to facilitate solutions to help Indiana meet its goal of a 50% recycling rate while helping to spur economic growth in recycling markets.

We will continue with our new format for 2024. In addition to learning from Andrew King and Crista Carlino about RecycleForce, we will be celebrating achievements, and milestones within everyone’s organization and creating a space to share challenges and brainstorm solutions.

To attend this virtual discussion, register via Microsoft Teams.

Grants up to $500,000 Available to Boost Indiana’s Recycling Economy

Indiana businesses, local governments, solid waste management districts, higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations are invited to submit grant proposals ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 to fund recycling projects through the Indiana Recycling Market Development Program (RMDP).

Projects should demonstrate sustainability, an understanding of the changing economy for recyclers and how grant money can be used to boost recycling in Indiana through expanded markets, manufacturing capacity and job creation.

Proposals will be accepted May 1st through June 13, 2024.

For more information, including eligibility requirements and project guidelines, or to apply, visit the Recycling Market Development Program page.

See the Featured Topics page for additional information about these and other opportunities.

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