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Recycle Indiana

Welcome to Recycle Indiana! The recycling section of IDEM aims to reduce municipal solid waste and help Indiana reach and sustain a recycling rate of 50 percent. The recycling section staff work with partners across the state to promote recycling and provide technical assistance to individuals, businesses, solid waste management districts, schools, municipalities, and other organizations to find appropriate disposal methods for recyclable materials.

Featured Topics

Community Recycling Grants: Accepting Applications Aug. 21, - Sept. 29, 2023

Grant funding is available for recycling and household hazardous waste collection and disposal. Eligible projects should focus on education and promotion of recycling, processing of recyclable materials, waste reduction, or HHW and organics management.

Counties, municipalities, solid waste management districts, universities, schools, and nonprofit organizations in Indianan are eligible to submit a Community Recycling Grant application requesting $1,000 to $100,000 in funding.

For additional information on eligibility, guidelines, and application visit the Community Recycling Grant Program page.

Recycling Roundtable Discussions

IDEM is hosting a series of quarterly meetings to discuss issues, share resources, and find solutions to current challenges facing recyclers and Indiana's recycling industry. The purpose is to facilitate solutions to help Indiana meet its goal of a 50% recycling rate while helping to spur economic growth in recycling markets.

The next Recycling Roundtable Discussion will be scheduled for late 2023.

Registration information and past recordings are available on the Indiana Recycling Roundtable Discussion page.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Recycling Day – May 13, 2023

Governor Holcomb declared May 13, 2023, Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Recycling Day [PDF]. IDEM educates and encourages Hoosiers to support local e-waste collection and recycling programs. On Indiana E-Waste Recycling Day, Hoosiers are urged to set aside their unwanted devices and dispose of them safely at an e-cycling collection center in their community.

See the Featured Topics page for additional information about these and other opportunities.

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