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IDEM and Purdue MEP Offer Technical Assistance and Grant Opportunities to Manufacturers

IDEM and U.S. EPA have partnered with the Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership to offer on-site (or virtual) technical assistance at a significantly reduced cost to Indiana manufacturers. Receive 16 hours of training, and up to 40 hours of technical assistance from the Purdue MEP program, and be eligible for seed funding to implement your facility’s improvement project(s).

Curious about the program but unsure if it is right for your company? Hear from Ameri-Can Engineering about their experience in the program [YouTube].

For questions about this program, please contact Kelly Weger.

Eligibility: Manufacturing facilities located in Indiana.

Services offered: Purdue MEP will conduct an on-site (or virtual if preferred) assessment and training to identify opportunities to reduce water use, air pollutants, solid waste, toxic chemicals use, and energy use.

Purdue MEP will also:

  • prepare a report and presentation with recommendations to your facility staff;
  • compile a custom action plan for your facility;
  • check-in to collect data on project status and results;
  • customize a final report showing cost savings, carbon emissions reductions, and waste reductions as well as reductions in permitting, fees, labor, disposal costs, and other expenses (potential $10,000-200,000 value, based on previous results. Results will vary based on specific projects).

Cost: $1,500 in company matching funds. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is funding the remainder of the cost (approximately $6,000 per facility).

Experience: The Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership provides high-value solutions to help Indiana businesses maximize their success. As advocates for Indiana's thousands of manufacturers, the Purdue staff identifies areas of improvement, streamlines processes, and ultimately increases competitiveness. Purdue MEP serves over 500 companies annually by implementing continuous improvement principles in the areas of productivity, growth, and technology.

Seed Grants: Participating facilities may apply for seed money from IDEM to implement suggestions from Purdue MEP. The average grant amount will be approximately $4,500. IDEM anticipates awarding 6 to 10 grants total.

Technical Assistance: Up to 40 hours of assistance may be provided to businesses to help identify specific solutions to unique issues. Assistance includes Purdue’s Faculty Assistance Program, which pairs companies with unique and challenging unresolved projects with specialized University experts who can assist in resolving those niche problems.

COVID 19: Purdue MEP can offer their services virtually for those who prefer it. Information on Purdue MEP’s efforts to address COVID concerns is available.

Questions - For questions about this program, please contact Kelly Weger.

Apply today! Complete the online application. The business will be contacted by a representative from Purdue MEP to discuss whether the facility is a good fit for the program.

Additional Information

The Purdue MEP is a champion for the manufacturing sector and has a longstanding history of providing manufacturers with high value, affordable solutions to manufacturing challenges including lean manufacturing, energy efficiency, quality improvement, six sigma, and more. Now, with funding from IDEM's Pollution Prevention Program and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), Purdue MEP is offering a new process improvement assessment to your facility’s toolbelt: W.A.S.T.E. Stream Mapping.

W.A.S.T.E. Stream Mapping can reveal substantial opportunities to reduce costs, improve production flow, save time, improve worker safety, reduce inventory, and improve environmental performance. These assessments take a broad look at manufacturing processes by focusing on all environmental areas including Water, Air, Solid Waste, Toxics, and Energy (W.A.S.T.E).

Currently, U.S. EPA has partnered with IDEM and Purdue MEP to fund W.A.S.T.E. Stream Mapping assessments to 15 Indiana manufacturers at a significantly reduced cost. Through these assessments, Purdue MEP will meet with your facility staff (virtually if preferred), conduct on-site training (virtually if preferred), and assess processes in your facility to identify toxic materials, hazardous emissions, waste streams, and energy improvements. Businesses will be provided with a report and presentation from Purdue MEP outlining opportunities and recommendations for energy savings, less toxic materials and process improvements to prevent pollution and reduce waste. Unlike other programs, the assistance doesn’t stop here. Once businesses have seen the recommendations, Purdue MEP will offer guidance as businesses prepare to explore innovative solutions to the identified opportunities for improvement. Follow-up assistance includes Purdue’s Faculty Assistance Program. This program pairs companies with unique and challenging unresolved projects with specialized University experts who can assist in resolving those niche problems. Up to 40 hours a year of assistance will be provided to businesses to help identify specific solutions to unique issues.

Furthermore, businesses can also apply for grant funds to provide seed money to implement the solutions. These competitive grants, funded by the U.S. EPA, will be awarded by IDEM. Eligible applicants include only those 15 manufacturing companies selected to participate in this W.A.S.T.E. Stream Mapping opportunity. IDEM anticipates awarding six to ten grants and will distribute a total of $45,000.

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