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Member Benefits and Incentives

Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) members are eligible to receive regulatory flexibility, recognition and other benefits, and opportunities to network with other program members to discuss pollution prevention successes and future initiatives. Members will have an opportunity to meet with the IDEM commissioner at one of the ESP annual meetings to discuss environmental topics.

Recognition and Regulatory Flexibility Incentive Guidance

IDEM encourages Indiana’s regulated entities to proactively manage their environmental responsibilities and commit to continuous environmental improvement. ESP members can earn extended regulatory incentives in exchange for "going beyond compliance" and making measurable efforts toward achieving continuous environmental improvement initiatives.

Regulatory flexibility is an integral part of voluntary performance based environmental leadership programs like ESP. It enables members to allocate limited resources towards continuous environmental improvement beyond that required by law. The incentives are designed to provide business value, reduce regulatory oversight, allow a shift in resources from compliance driven to achieving results, and provide members with increased operational flexibility.

About Regulatory Incentives

ESP regulatory incentives are authorized by rules 326 IAC 25 (Air), 327 IAC 18 (Water), and 329 IAC 18 (Land), under the Indiana Administrative Code (IAC). The rules can be viewed in their entirety on the Rules page, and the incentives are summarized in the Environmental Stewardship Program Regulatory Incentives [PDF] information sheet.

IDEM is committed to providing members with tangible regulatory incentives, but in order to effectively protect the environment, benefits may not be applicable in all situations. Examples include:

  1. New state or federal regulations are being issued;
  2. Member is a new source;
  3. Member does not accept benefit;
  4. Member's emissions or releases are near their limits;
  5. Complaints are received about the member; or
  6. Federal regulations do not allow the member to take advantage of the benefit.
How to Request Regulatory Incentives

ESP members must use the Indiana Environmental Stewardship Program Checklist for Potential Regulatory Incentives (State Form 53706, available on the IDEM Forms page) to indicate which regulatory incentive(s) their company is interested in receiving. Instructions are provided on the form. IDEM will evaluate the request and email and mail a response summarizing the approved incentive(s) and any further action that is needed.

Recognition and Other Benefits

Upon being admitted to the program, ESP members will receive:

  • A framed certificate for display purposes that recognizes them as an ESP member.
  • An opportunity to host a public ceremony at their location where IDEM will present the framed certificate.
  • A letter of recognition from the Office of the Governor or IDEM commissioner.
  • Access to the ESP logo for use on company letterhead, signs, documents, etc.

IDEM will:

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