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Nonpoint Source Grants Compendium

This compendium is comprised of all the guidance, instructions and requirements for Section 319/205(j) grantees.

  • Sections 319/205(j) Grant Application Packages
    • Information on how to apply for Sections 319 and 205(j) grant awards.
  • Guidance on the Conversion of HUC 11s/14s to HUC 10s/12s
    • With the U.S. Geologic Survey’s national development of the watershed and sub-watershed areas (10- and 12-digit HUCs), the previously developed watershed sub-watershed delineations (11- and 14-digit HUCs) in the State of Indiana was affected. These are the instructions on how to convert the watershed HUCs when applying for a Section 319/205(j) grant.
  • Sections 319/205j Invoicing Requirements
    • Provides information on how to complete the many State forms to receive reimbursement. It also documents what is eligible for reimbursement and match.
  • Watershed Management Planning
    • Congratulations on starting to develop a watershed management plan for your watershed! By developing a comprehensive watershed management plan, you’re helping your community focus efforts and resources on a watershed and its particular problems and unique solutions. Your watershed group will identify the water quality problems, causes, sources, and critical or priority areas in the watershed, set goals, and choose measures or BMPs to be implemented to achieve those goals. Finally, you’ll choose indicators to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation efforts.
  • 319 Cost-Share Program Requirements
    • Outlines specific requirements for implementing a cost-share program through 319 funds.
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) Guidance
    • All grantees who conduct water quality monitoring, are required to develop a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and submit it to the State for approval at least one (1) month prior to initiating monitoring activities.
  • Final Report Requirements
    • The Final Report (a.k.a. final written summary project report) is a complete summary of the project’s results and accomplishments. It conveys important information about the entire project, including successes and failures, lessons learned, and how grant funds were spent.
  • State Forms
    • The following State Forms are available on the IDEM Agency Forms page or the State Forms Online Catalog:
      • Section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant Application – State Form 49367
      • Section 205 Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant Application - State Form 53970
      • Itemization of Invoice Expenditures - State Form 50067
      • Report of In-kind/Cash Match Contributions - State Form 50066
      • Section 319 & 205j Grant Program Progress Report – State Form 50068
      • Section 319: 319A (Agriculture) Cost Share Form - State Form 50065
      • Section 319: 319U (Urban) Cost Share Form - State Form 50063
  • Contact IDEM Staff
    • Information on how to contact staff in the Watershed Assessment and Planning Branch by mail, email, phone, or fax.

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