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Financial Assistance

The Office of Land Quality offers opportunities for financial assistance for cleaning up certain types of sites under the following circumstances.


Under the Indiana Finance Authority, the Indiana Brownfields Program offers financial assistance primarily to qualifying political subdivisions (as defined by Indiana Code 13-11-2-164(c)) as well as to eligible private entities in Indiana. This financial aid is designed to be used to help assess and remediate (and demolish if tied to remediation) brownfield sites. The program also works in partnership with other state agencies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) to access/leverage resources; for example, it provides support letters to applicants to U.S. EPA for financial assistance. The Indiana Brownfields Program Financial Assistance page provides more details.

Excess Liability Trust Fund

The Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) provides a mechanism for the reimbursement of money spent by underground storage tank (UST) owners and operators on the cleanup of petroleum released from USTs. It also provides the federally mandated financial assurance for owners and operators of USTs containing petroleum, and a source of money for the indemnification of third parties. The rule regarding the payment of ELTF claims is 328 Indiana Administrative Code 1 [PDF]. The ELTF Claim Status Search can be used to retrieve live information on the status of claims. More information is available on the Excess Liability Trust Fund page.

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