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Emissions Reporting and Inventories

Many Indiana companies report emissions data as required by the Emission Reporting Rule at Title 326, Article 2, Rule 6 of the Indiana Administrative Code (326 IAC 2-6 [PDF]).  An emission statement contains the amounts of nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter that is 10 microns or smaller, and lead released to the air each year.

The  Office of Air Quality (OAQ) collects and compiles emissions data. OAQ uses the Emission Inventory Tracking System (EMITS) as the primary method of preparing emission statements. The reported emissions are used for determining compliance, for Title V program billing purposes, and technical purposes such as modeling, state implementation plans, and rulemaking. Accurate emissions data is important for future program development by OAQ.

Following are pages offering additional information concerning emissions reporting. If you have questions, please contact OAQ staff.

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