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Laws, Rules, and Policies

IDEM's Office of Air Quality (OAQ) is Indiana’s Clean Air Act permitting authority. OAQ implements Indiana's air permit rules, which are found in Title 326, Article 2 of the Indiana Administrative Code (326 IAC 2) and incorporate applicable state and federal requirements including:

Compliance with Indiana's air permit rules assures that regulated sources of air pollutants will not cause or contribute to violations of the NAAQS or interfere with the goals in Indiana's state implementation plan.

Nonrule Policies

Nonrule policy documents clarify how IDEM will implement and enforce certain rules, particularly those that may be complex or highly technical. Effective and pending nonrule policy documents for the Office of Air Quality are available online.

Please note that the information and guidance provided on this website is intended to help citizens and applicants understand permitting requirements that may be applicable. IDEM issues permitting decisions for each source based on applicable laws and rules. Information and guidance provided on this website does not take the place of applicable federal, state, or local laws or regulations. Applicants are advised to use the laws and rules as their primary reference when determining their permitting requirements. Owners, operators and their representatives are encouraged to contact IDEM for applicant assistance.

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