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Revocation Due to Inactivity, Abandonment, and/or Nonpayment

The Permits Branch within IDEM’s Office of Air Quality (OAQ) normally revokes a construction or operating air permit upon receipt of a request for permit revocation from the given source. However, some sources never construct the permitted facility, permanently cease operations, and/or vacate the permitted site without notifying IDEM. These types of sources usually have no reliable contact information, but still have a valid construction and/or operating air permit.

Based upon a due diligence effort to determine that an air permit should be revoked, IDEM creates a memorandum and supporting documentation log. On a quarterly basis, OAQ compiles a list of sources for which revocations are proposed and posts the memorandum and supporting documentation log for the affected sources. Following is a list of such sources for the current year grouped by calendar year quarter:

1st Quarter 2023

  • No revocations.

2nd Quarter 2023

  • No revocations.

3rd Quarter 2023

4th Quarter 2023

Objections to any of the proposed revocations should be in writing and sent to the IDEM Office of Air Quality, Air Permit Revocations. If no one contacts IDEM within 30 days to object to the posted revocation(s), IDEM will revoke the air permit for the source(s).

This revocation process enables IDEM to maintain more accurate and up-to-date permits, inventory, and records concerning air emission sources in Indiana.


For more information on revocations due to inactivity, abandonment, and/or nonpayment, please review IDEM's Nonrule Policy Document regarding Revocation of Air Construction and/or Operating Permits, Air-040 (available on the IDEM Effective Nonrule Policies page).

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