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Renewals, Revisions, and Transitions

A permitted source may need to renew its permit, revise its permit, or transition to another type of permit.

  • Permit renewal, or reissuance, assures that conditions and requirements in a permit are up to date with the source's current operations and regulations. A permit's term, or how long it is effective, and the requirements for its timely renewal are provided in the source's existing permit. A Minor Source Operating Permit and a Federally Enforceable Operating Permit are types of operating permits that generally must be renewed within five years after the initial issuance, and then every 10 years thereafter. A Part 70 Operating Permit generally must be renewed every five years. Alternate approval programs generally do not require renewal; however, the owner/operator must be prepared at all times to demonstrate their eligibility for these programs. IDEM’s Air Operating Renewal Applications page includes information about preparing a renewal application and submitting a streamlined renewal application.
  • Permit revision is usually needed if a source makes administrative changes, or proposes physical changes or changes in methods or processes. Where a proposed change could substantially change the source's potential to emit (PTE), a permit application is usually required to obtain prior approval and the proper permit revision. Changes to exempt sources may be subject to prior approval if the proposed change would increase PTE above exemption levels. Certain administrative changes may require notifying IDEM’s Office of Air Quality. Revised permit documents retain the original expiration date.
  • A transition is a change from one type of permit to another due to a change to the PTE or in order to operate under an alternate approval program. The permittee requests a transition by applying for the new permit. Upon issuance of the new permit, the source may begin operating under its conditions and the new permit will supersede the old permit.

Owners, operators and their representatives can find assistance.

Information is available for transferring ownership of an existing air permit or changing the company name on an existing air permit.

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