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Preliminary Application Submitted by Email

In addition to submitting a signed hard copy of the original application you may also submit a preliminary electronic copy (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) of the complete signed application by email to the Office of Air Quality.

Requirements for Emailing a Preliminary Application

IDEM OAQ will only accept a preliminary electronic application by email if it meets all of the following requirements:

  • The application is an electronic copy (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) of the original signed application.
  • Prior to submitting an electronic copy, please print the date, and the source contact name and phone number in the upper right of the Air Permit Application Cover Sheet form. (This will assist the Air Permits Administration section in confirming the arrival of the hard copy and matching it to the electronically submitted copy.)
  • The electronic copy of the complete signed application consists of only one (1) file in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. We do not have the ability to process documents other than a single Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the complete signed application. A permit writer will contact you requesting the original versions of certain attachments, such as Microsoft Word and Excel documents.
  • The electronic application document may not be password protected.

If you receive an error message that your email cannot be sent (or was rejected by the server) because the attached application file is too large (exceeds the allowable size limit), please contact OAQ.

Please also note that the OAQ Permits Branch cannot issue a final permit until the original signed hard copy application packet is received by the OAQ Permits Branch.

Confidentiality Claims Submitted by Email

If your emailed preliminary application contains any confidential business information, please submit two (2) separate emails as follows:

  • One (1) email that includes a confidential copy of the application, clearly marked as confidential, and includes "Confidential Information" as part of the email subject line. This copy of the application should include supporting information to show that your confidential information is entitled to confidential treatment under Title 5, Article 14, Chapter 3 of the Indiana Code (IC 5-14-3) and should include the following statement within the body of the email:

    "The attached preliminary application contains confidential information and is being submitted under a claim of confidentiality that is subject to requirements set out in Title 326, Article 17.1 of the Indiana Administrative Code (326 IAC 17.1)."

    For additional instructions concerning confidentiality claims, please review IDEM’s How To Submit Confidential Information page.

  • One (1) email that includes a non-confidential copy of the application, with all confidential information redacted, in accordance with "Requirements for Emailing a Preliminary Application" above.

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