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Emission Credit Registry

  • General Information:
    • The Purpose of the Indiana Emission Credit Registry
    • The Meaning of the Term “Emission Credit”
    • Registering Emission Reductions
    • "Surplus" Emission Reductions
    • Eligibility of Permitted Sources and Air Permit Applicants
    • Emission Credits and Offsets
    • Available Information in the Registry and Public Records
    • Usability Under the Emission Offset Rules
    • Fees
    • Issues That May Reduce Available Emission Credits
  • Generation and Registration:
    • Achieving Emission Reductions
    • Calculating Emission Reductions
    • Pollutants That May Be Registered
    • Submissions Into the Registry
    • Eligibility to Register Emission Reductions
    • Deadlines for Registration and Use of Emission Reductions
    • Submission of Confidential Records
  • Use and Expiration:
    • Purposes for Using Emission Credits
    • Deadline for Using Credits
    • Transferring Credits
    • Reduction of Available Credits
    • Inter-pollutant Trading
    • Trading Across Political Boundaries (Such as Counties)
    • Using (Withdrawing) Credits
  • Trading:
    • Trading, Transferring and Selling Emission Credits
    • Purchasing Emission Credits
    • Finding Available Emission Credits

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