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Applicant Assistance and Resources

Submitting an air permit application to IDEM’s Office of Air Quality (OAQ) is the first step in obtaining approval for your source. Failing to apply for a required approval, or operating without the correct type of air permit or approval, are violations. Small, exempt businesses may voluntarily apply for a Letter of Exemption. Please contact OAQ’s Air Permits Branch concerning:

  • Requirements for a new source, or the modification or expansion of an existing facility.
  • Alternatives for various operating scenarios.
  • Questions about the application process.
  • Submitting an application packet. By talking with OAQ permits staff prior to submitting a packet, applicants can help ensure they are submitting a complete application with all of the required forms and information.
  • Pre-application meetings - A pre-application meeting with OAQ permits staff may be recommended in some cases.
  • Questions about an existing permit.

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