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Charter Renewal

Charter School Renewal Guidance

Pursuant to Indiana Code (“IC”) ยง 20-24-2.2-2, the minimum standards for renewal of a charter school include a requirement that the school not remain in the lowest category or designation of school improvement for four consecutive years. Charter schools failing to meet these minimum standards are not eligible to submit a Renewal Request.

ICSB's Charter Renewal Application process begins in the Fall prior to the final year of the term of a school's Charter. Each school authorized by ICSB that wishes to continue being authorized by ICSB, must first submit a Statement of Intent to Seek Renewal, along with a board resolution approving submission of the Statement, by August 31st at the beginning of the final year. A Statement template is provided below. Once a Statement is received, ICSB will provide the school with a consolidated performance dashboard summarizing the school's performance during the term of its charter on ICSB's Accountability System.

The formal renewal process includes submission of a Charter Renewal Application, a formal site-vist, and a public hearing.

ICSB may grant a renewal for any length of time up to seven (7) years, with or without additional conditions. If ICSB determines that a school’s charter should be renewed, the school must enter into a new Charter Agreement, incorporating any additional changes requested (and granted by the Board) ICSB’s Accountability System, any any further conditions required by ICSB.

Renewal decisions are based on the school’s performance on ICSB’s Accountability System, the contents of the Renewal Application, an interview with the governing board of the school, the school site visit, and public comment. ICSB does not use a specific formula for determining whether or not a school's charter should be renewed. Each decision is based on the specific history and circumstances of the school.

As evidence of the school's performance has already been collected by ICSB, the primary purpose of the Renewal Application is to allow the school: (1) to present any important new or supplemental information pertaining to the three categories of the Accountability System, to enable a more comprehensive assessment of school performance; and (2) to articulate a school’s strategies and capacities for sustaining success and continuing to improve over the next charter term.

Charter Renewal Documents

Nonrenewal Appeal Process

If the ICSB votes not to renew a charter, the organizer of the school may appeal the decision. The Organizer must indicate its intention in writing within fifteen (15) business days of the ICSB action.  If an appeal is received within fifteen (15) business days of the nonrenewal decision, an informal hearing will be held by ICSB within twenty-five (25) business days, but no sooner than five (5) business days, from the receipt of the petition to appeal the nonrenewal. ICSB staff will arrange for space and staffing, including the appointment of an independent hearing officer (“IHO”).  During the hearing, ICSB staff will present the reasons and evidence supporting nonrenewal.  The Organizer, in turn, may (1) present evidence; (2) have an attorney present; (3) present witnesses to testify in opposition of the reasons given for revocation; and/or (4) provide a proposed corrective action plan.  The IHO will consider all evidence presented and then make a recommendation to ICSB in a formal public meeting. ICSB’s vote on the IHO’s recommendation is considered the “final decision” regarding the nonrenewal.