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Public Record Request

Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act (“APRA”) may be found in Indiana Code ("IC") 5-14-3, with further guidance provided by the Handbook on Indiana's Public Access Laws. In accordance with IC 5-14-3-3, ICSB requires that all record requests be made in writing and "identify with reasonable particularity the record being requested," that is, enough information must be provided to enable ICSB to search for, locate, and retrieve the records. For example, a request for emails must include: "a named sender, a named recipient, a timeframe of six-months or less, and an identified subject matter and/or keywords for each message." See Opinion of the Public Access Counselor, 17-FC-52 (2017). Please complete the form below to submit a public records request.

If records meeting the request are found, ICSB charges a copying fee of $0.10 per page for non-color copies, and $0.25 per page for color copies. IC 5-14-3-8(d)(1). Payment for copying costs must be made in advance. IC 5-14-3-8(e)(2).