Business, Industry, & Labor Historical Markers


ID Historical Marker County
02.1992.2 Wabash and Erie Canal Groundbreaking Allen
02.2003.1 Gronauer Lock No. 2 Allen
03.1988.1 Lowell Mills Bartholomew
03.1999.1 Madison and Indianapolis Railroad Bartholomew
03.2007.1 Orinoco Furniture Company Bartholomew
03.2013.1 Cerealine Manufacturing Co. Bartholomew
06.1985.1 The Boone County REMC Boone
06.1985.2 The Boone County REMC Boone
08.1992.1 Wabash and Erie Canal Carroll
09.1966.1 Wabash & Erie Canal Cass
10.1987.1 Birthplace and Childhood Home of Col. Harland Sanders Clark
10.2001.1 Tunnel Mill Clark
10.2012.1 John Work Home and Mill Clark
10.2017.1 WWII Army Ammunition Plant Clark
11.1999.1 Crosscut Canal Eel River Feeder Dam Clay
11.1999.2 Crosscut Canal Clay
13.1992.1 Leavenworth Crawford
13.1992.2 Early Mining At Wyandotte Caves Crawford
14.1989.1 Mimi's House Daviess
14.1989.2 Robert C. Graham Daviess
14.1992.1 Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad Depot Daviess
14.2007.1 Wabash and Erie Canal Daviess
15.1999.1 Canal Junction Dearborn
16.2001.1 Civil War General John T. Wilder Decatur
16.2014.1 Carl Fisher Decatur
17.1992.1 Auburn Automobile Company DeKalb
17.2017.1 Creek Chub Bait Company DeKalb
18.1981.1 First Indiana Gas Well Delaware
18.1996.2 Slickville Tile Works Delaware
18.2008.1  Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company  Delaware
18.2011.1 Hemingray Glass Company Delaware
20.2001.1 Krider Nurseries World's Fair Garden Elkhart
20.2005.2 Nappanee Furniture Elkhart
20.2006.1 C.G. Conn Company Elkhart
20.2007.2 Dr. Franklin L. Miles Elkhart
21.1966.1 The Whitewater Canal Fayette
22.1991.1 New Albany Floyd
22.1992.2 New Albany Floyd
22.1996.1 State Bank of Indiana Floyd
22.1996.2 Culbertson Mansion Floyd
23.1997.1 Attica & Covington Canal Skirmish Fountain
24.19??.? Whitewater Canal Franklin
27.1992.1 Former Narrow Gauge Railroad / Railroad Construction Grant
29.1994.1 The Central Canal Hamilton
29.2005.1 Conner Street Historic District Hamilton
29.2005.2 Conner Street Historic District Hamilton
35.1972.1 Forks of Wabash Huntington
35.1973.1 Canal Landing on Washington Street / Jefferson Park Mall Huntington
35.1979.2 The "Lime City" Huntington
35.1979.3 Huntington's Buildings Over the River / Huntington's Ford and First Bridge Huntington
35.1997.1 Wabash & Erie Canal Lock 4 Huntington
36.2008.1  Medora Shale Brick Plant Jackson
39.1966.1 First Chartered Bank in Indiana Jefferson
39.1996.1 Madison Hill Incline and Cut Jefferson
40.1997.2 Kellar Grist Mill Jennings
43.1995.1 Lawrence D. Bell Kosciusko
45.1996.1 The Lincoln Highway / The "Ideal Section" Lake
45.1996.2 The Lincoln Highway / The "Ideal Section" Lake
46.1995.1 Chicago-New York Electric Air Line Railroad La Porte
46.2003.1 The Rumely Companies La Porte
47.1966.1 Indiana (Oolitic) Limestone Quarries Lawrence
48.1967.1 Indiana's First Interurban Madison
49.1961.3 Toll House - Michigan Road Marion
49.1966.2 The Central Canal Marion
49.1979.1 [The Indianapolis Times] Marion
49.1990.1 Macedonian Tribune Marion
49.1992.5 Site of the Central Canal Marion
49.1998.3 German Greenhouses and Truck Gardens Marion
49.2004.1 Brookville Road Marion
49.2013.2 Indianapolis Times Marion
49.2015.1 Allison Machine Shop Marion
49.2017.3 "Cannon Ball" Baker Marion
49.2018.2 WWI Aviation Repair Depot Marion
53.1996.1 Stinesville Limestone Industry Monroe
57.1992.1 Sylvan Lake Noble
61.1966.1 Wabash & Erie Canal Parke
62.1966.1 Indiana Cotton Mill Perry
63.1976.1 Wabash and Erie Canal Completed 1853 Pike
63.1992.1 Wabash and Erie Canal Pike
64.1995.2 Willow Creek Confrontation Porter
65.2001.1 New Harmony Workingmen's Institute Posey
65.2006.1 Griffin Oil Discovery Posey
66.1988.1 First Indiana Natural Gas Well Pulaski
69.2006.1 Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Ripley
71.1968.1 First Dam Across the St. Joseph River - Power Race St. Joseph
71.1968.4 St. Joseph Iron Works St. Joseph
71.1995.1 Kamm and Schellinger Brewery St. Joseph
71.1999.1 Dodge Manufacturing Company St. Joseph
72.1992.2 Site of Western Eagle Scott
72.2002.4 Scottsburg Depot Scott
72.2002.6 Lake Iola Interurban Site Scott
72.2002.9 Town of Austin Scott
82.1947.1 Wabash and Erie Canal Vanderburgh
82.1995.1 P-47 Thunderbolt Factory Vanderburgh
82.1996.1 Evansville Cotton Mill Vanderburgh
82.1999.1 McCurdy-Sears Building Vanderburgh
84.1966.2 Chauncey Rose 1794-1877 Vigo
84.1976.1 Eugene Victor Debs 1855-1926 Vigo
84.1992.1 Home of Eugene V. Debs Vigo
84.1994.1 Birthplace of the Coca-Cola Bottle Vigo
84.2001.1 Markle Mill Site Vigo
85.1995.1 Miami Indian Mills Wabash
91.1961.1 The Wolcott House White

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ID Historical Marker County
01.2006.1 Geneva Downtown Historic District Adams
04.1999.1 Dan Patch Benton
10.2006.1 Indiana State Prison Clark
14.1999.2 Homer E. Capehart / GOP Cornfield Conference Daviess
20.1997.1 A.E. Kunderd Gladiolus Farm Elkhart
27.1988.1 [West Ward School] Grant
31.1965.1 Posey House Harrison
32.2000.1 Danville's Main Street Historic District Hendricks
33.1976.1 Underground Station Henry
34.1966.1 Haynes' Horseless Carriage Howard
39.2004.2 Lyman Hoyt Jefferson
45.2014.2 Stewart Settlement House Lake
48.2001.1 Wendell Willkie Madison
49.1994.2 Indiana Avenue Marion
52.1992.1 Burial Place of Francis Godfroy Miami
54.1965.1 Yount's Mills 1849 Montgomery
57.2013.1 Gene Stratton-Porter Noble
61.1975.1 [Parke County Museum] Parke
67.1972.1 Portland Mills Putnam
68.2005.1 Farmland Downtown Historic District Randolph
70.1969.1 Wendell L. Willkie 1892-1944 Rush
70.1969.2 Wendell L. Willkie 1892-1944 Rush
70.1969.3 Wendell L. Willkie 1892-1944 Rush
70.1969.4 Wendell L. Willkie 1892-1944 Rush
71.2010.1 Lincoln & Dixie Highways St. Joseph
72.1992.1 Site of William Hayden English Home Scott
83.1997.1 The Hillsdale Steps Vermillion
85.2000.1 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Wabash
89.2002.1 Levi Coffin Wayne
92.2013.1 Ralph F. Gates Whitley