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Indiana Territory

Meeting House - 1811

Vincennes was the oldest settlement in Indiana Territory. It was established as a French fort in the early 1730s by Sieur de Vincennes. In 1800, the population in and around the town was 1,533--excluding Indians. Vincennes was the capital of Indiana Territory 1800-1813. According to historian Richard Day, "The legislature met in four places. . . . but where they met is uncertain." The legislature met probably in the home of Francis Vigo, in the house of Antoine Marchal, and in Mark Barnett's tavern. It met in the fourth location November 22-December 19, 1811; that building, pictured here, is now preserved at the Indiana Territory State Historic Site, Vincennes.
Sources: Barnhart and Riker, 80, 318; Day, 2-3.

Indiana Territory State Historic Site.