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Teacher Resources

Listed below are parts of our Web site that are of particular interest to teachers. Some of the material is found in books that are no longer easily accessible and some information the Historical Bureau has researched and published.

The Indiana Historian

  • Each 16-page 2-color magazine is devoted to one topic in Indiana history and is wonderful information for the teacher or student

Covered Bridges of Indiana

George Rogers Clark

  • The Indiana Historian issue entitled "The Fall of Fort Sackville"
  • Painting by Frederick Yohn of The Fall of Fort Sackville
  • Clark's memoir of the events surrounding the fall of Fort Sackville
  • Joseph Bowman's account of the same events
  • Journal of British Lieut. Gov. Henry Hamilton
  • Biography of Clark
  • Information about his family
  • Information about Clark's Grant and his soldiers

Greenville Treaty Flag

  • Read the story and see the image of the 1795 flag

Indiana Bibliographies

  • List of source material for many Indiana topics

Indiana Governors' Portraits Collection

  • Portrait of every governor of Indiana, except one without a portrait
  • Biography of each governor
  • Biography of each artist
  • List of governors in alphabetical order and order of service
  • List of location of each portrait

Indiana Historical Markers

  • Searchable database of all markers including full text, locations, and, with newer markers, addition historical documentation not found on the marker itself
  • Marker dedication celebrations with images and documentary material
  • Annotated marker text with images of the source material used
  • Marker application processes

Origin of County Names and Map

  • Map with counties
  • Basis for name of each county and date organized

Indiana State Emblems

  • Images, the legislation, and more about our emblems

State Constitutions

  • Full text of all documents leading to statehood
  • Full text of the Constitution of 1816 and the Journal of the Convention
  • Information about the members of the convention
  • Full text of Constitution of 1851 (as written)
  • Link to today's constitution

Indiana Timelines

  • Many time lines focusing on various topics which include world and national facts plus Indiana information

American Indians in Indiana books

Lewis and Clark - Indiana Connections

  • List of all Indiana Historian issues

Links to interesting sites

Material to help students do research

  • Pointers for Research is a publication of the IHB which reviews the process of good research

Resources about World War II

The Indiana Historical Bureau Book Shop

  • List of all books from a variety of publishers arranged by topic sold in the Book Shop
  • Purchases can be made via e-mail and shipped with an invoice. Teachers receive a 20% discount and schools receive a 25% discount

Underground Railroad

  • Indiana and the Underground Railroad