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Policies and Guidance

Metrology Fees

Fee schedule for calibration and/or tolerance testing of standards of mass, length, time, or volume


Temporary Large Capacity Scale Installation

Sanitary Bedding

The intent of the Sanitary Bedding Program is to minimize the health risk associated with unsanitized bedding, and to ensure that consumers are informed as to the contents of bedding materials that may cause allergic reactions.

Effective July 01, 1995 the State of Indiana stopped collecting all fees for Bedding Licenses and Sterilization permits under Indiana Code 16-41-32-21 and IC 16-41-32-22.  Indiana no longer issues registry numbers or Bedding Licenses.

New companies are required to apply for a Sterilization or Disinfection Permit.  There is no fee, and the permit does not require renewal.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (317) 356-7078, option 3.