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Birth Registration

The Indiana Birth Registration System (IBRS) rolled out in January 2007.

The goal of IBRS is to enable the participants of the birth registration process to electronically file birth records with local and state registrars. Registration facilities will access the system online so that facts of birth and medical information can be registered electronically.

IBRS provides the capability to electronically file approximately 86,000 Indiana births annually. Registration takes place in the county of occurrence, as prescribed by law, with user-friendly data entry screens, real-time editing, and 24/7 accessibility. The use of a highly secure website for reporting allows for higher quality data, error reduction, the ability to reduce fraud and identity theft, and provide uniform birth certificates for the entire state.

To obtain access to IBRS, please complete and submit the applicable user agreement form located below. A set of training modules, as well as user guidance tailored to hospital and local health department staff, are provided as training for IBRS.

Access Documents

Hospital User Guidance

Local Health Department User Guidance

*This document has been encrypted for security purposes. Please email for the password.

Training for Hospital and Local Health Department Staff

Training Modules were developed as a collaborative effort between the Vital Records and Maternal and Child Health Divisions at the Indiana State Department of Health. The modules located in this area are for nurses, birthing center staff, physicians, hospital administrators, supervisors, midwives, and local health department vital records staff, especially those who are responsible for collecting and entering the birth information into IBRS. The major focus of these modules is the improvement of the quality of the data derived from birth records.

The National Center for Health Statistics released a Birth Certificate e-Learning Training in 2016. The training was developed to work with the updated Guide to Completing the Facility Worksheets for the Certificate of Live Birth and Report of Fetal Death.