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Fee Schedule

Birth RecordsFees
Birth Certificate$ 10.00
Additional Birth Certificates in the Same Order$ 4.00
Delayed Birth Registration$ 10.00
Amendment / Correction on a Birth Certificate$ 8.00
Death RecordsFees
Death Certificate$ 8.00
Additional Death Certificates in the Same Order$ 4.00
Copy of Signed Paternity Affidavit$ 8.00
Putative Father Registry Search$ 16.00
Adoptive Medical History Search$ 25.00

The fees listed above are non-refundable and do not include the processing and service fees charged by any third party company listed on this website when purchasing online or by phone. Additional fees will be required for all UPS shipments.

Make checks and money orders payable to: Indiana State Department of Health. We do not accept cash.

All orders have a processing time of up to 16 weeks from the date received before shipping occurs; this includes UPS or any other priority handling requests.

Processing times will increase during any peak times for consumer ordering; this could be during, but not limited to, any national family holiday, travel months, income tax filing months, or school enrollment months.