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File a Foreign-Birth Adoption

Foreign-Birth Adoption, defined as an adoption of a child that was not born in the State of Indiana, includes both international births and births out-of-state.

Upon receipt of a Record of Adoption from the court, a ninety (90) day hold is placed on the adoption record to allow time for Vital Records to notify the proper record-holding entities. If the child was born in another state, that state will be informed of the adoption; if the child was born internationally, the U.S. Immigration will be informed of the adoption.

To obtain a copy of the birth certificate, please contact the authority in the state or country of birth for a copy of the record. A list of state vital records offices is available for on the Ordering Records from Other States page.

The State of Indiana will only issue Foreign-Born Certificates if the country or state of birth denies issuance. If this is the case, a Delayed Certificate of Birth for the adopted child may be purchased following the same process as all other birth certificates. For information about how to purchase a birth record, please review the Apply for a Birth Certificate page.

For more information about Foreign-Birth Adoption, please contact Customer Service at (317) 233-2700.