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The adoption process in the State of Indiana is completed in a court of competent jurisdiction. The Division of Vital Records at the Indiana Department of Health is responsible for amending the birth certificate after an adoption has been finalized. When amending an original birth certificate, some information such as the exact location of birth may be removed, if stated in the court order. Vital Records may unseal an original birth certificate upon receipt of a court order that sets aside an adoption.

Medical History Registry

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File a Foreign-Birth Adoption

Foreign-Birth Adoption, defined as an adoption of a child that was not born in the State of Indiana, includes both international and out-of-state births.

Upon receipt of a Record of Adoption from the court, a ninety (90) day hold is placed on the adoption record to allow time for Vital Records to notify the proper record-holding entities. If the child was born in another state, that state will be informed of the adoption; if the child was born internationally, the U.S. Immigration will be informed of the adoption.

To obtain a copy of the birth certificate, please contact the authority in the state or country of birth for a copy of the record. A list of state vital records offices is available on the Ordering Records from Other States page.

The State of Indiana will only issue Foreign-Born Certificates if the country or state of birth denies issuance. If this is the case, a Delayed Certificate of Birth for the adopted child may be purchased following the same process as all other birth certificates. For information about how to purchase a birth record, click here.

For more information about Foreign-Birth Adoption, please contact Customer Service at (317) 233-2700.

Register a Putative Father

Indiana’s Putative Father Registry is a database that maintains information from males that believe they may have fathered a child, and that child may be placed up for adoption. If a man has established paternity with a Paternity Affidavit at either the hospital or local health department, or through a Court Order, they do not need to register as a Putative Father for that child.

Before an adoption can be processed, the adopting party is required by law (IC 31-19-2.5) to notify any man registered with the Putative Father Registry as a potential father of the child up for adoption. To request a search of the registry, please complete and submit a Request for Putative Father Search and Affidavit of Search Results, State Form 54808, along with appropriate identification. A search of the registry costs $16.00.

To register with Indiana’s Putative Father Registry, please complete and submit the Indiana Putative Father Registration, State Form 46750. For more information, please call Customer Service at (317) 233-2700 and they will help direct your call.