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2022-2025 IDOH Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan answers the question: What can we do to help all Hoosiers reach their optimal health? We considered key support functions required for efficiency and effectiveness and sought to articulate what the department plans to achieve as an organization, the actions it will take, and how it will measure success. The identified measures are embedded within the department’s performance management system and will be tracked regularly throughout the life of this plan. It is a living document that will be continuously evaluated and updated as public health evolves in Indiana and new federal and state plans are updated.

Indiana Department of Health: Agency Strategic Plan 2021-2025Strategic Plan One Page

IDOH Mission, Vision, & Values:

To promote, protect, and improve the health and safety of all Hoosiers.

Every Hoosier reaches their optimal health regardless of where they live, learn, work, or play.

Health Equity
: We place equity at the center of our work to ensure every Hoosier, regardless of individual characteristics historically linked to discrimination or exclusion, has access to social and physical supports needed to promote health from birth through end of life
Innovation: We continue to learn, research evidence-informed practices, advance our services, and be open to new methods, ideas, and products that help build and expand upon the services we provide.
Communication: We provide stakeholders and the public with accurate and up-to-date scientific data and provide education
Integrity: We are honest, trustworthy, and transparent. We uphold our standards and do the right things to achieve the best public health and safety outcomes.

2022-2025 Strategic Goals:

Health services and outcomes
Goal 1: Ensure access to high-quality, evidence-based, and continuously improving services and resources that reduce health disparities and proactively address public health threats, leading to equitable outcomes.

Partnerships and collaborations
Goal 2: Implement a statewide, collaborative approach to improving Indiana’s health outcomes.

Operational excellence
Goal 3: Improve staff, customer, and partner experiences with consistent, efficient, effective, and data-driven services and work processes.

Workforce stability
Goal 4: Attract and retain a dedicated, knowledgeable, and diverse workforce to support strong public health outcomes in Indiana.

Financial stewardship and sustainability
Goal 5: Improve financial infrastructure, management, and data-informed decision-making.

2022-2025 Strategic KPIs:
Check back soon for our scorecard! Email with any questions you may have.