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Data Requests

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The division of trauma and injury prevention has data for the Indiana Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) as well as hospital inpatient, hospital outpatient and mortality data.

Non-fatal and fatal overdose numbers by year and county are publicly available and do not require a data request. They can be found on our Overdose Dashboard here.

If you are interested in de-identified, statewide data, fill out the division data request form and return it to the IDOH Division of Trauma and Injury Prevention.

If you are interested in identifiable data, you must fill out both the division and agency data request forms. If you are interested in patient level data or variables that could lead to individual identification, it will need administrative approval. Please note that mortality data may be released with just the division data request form. These are the forms to submit to the Division of Trauma and Injury Prevention:

All completed forms may be e-mailed to indianatrauma@isdh.in.gov

Our goal is to send data requests within 14 business days from the time your request is received and processed. Please note that identifiable requests will be reviewed by the Data Release Committee which meets every two weeks.