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TB Skin Test Training/Validation

For information on Indiana TB skin test training requirements, click here.

Online TB/TST Course

The Indiana Department of Health offers a free online course on the In-Train platform that is a prerequisite for some Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) training programs.

The training plan number is 5338, and the name is 'IDOH Tuberculosis (TB) Basics and TB Tests Used to Identify TB Infection'

Please see the instructions for creating an In-Train account and taking the course in the the attached pdf file.

In-Person Skills Validation Session

After completion of the online course, generally an in-person practicum is scheduled with a proctor to review key course content and practice TSTs.

  • Please check with your facility to learn whether this process is in place and what instructors they may recommend.
  • IDOH regional nurse consultants are available to conduct the in-person practicums for individuals that work in their respective region's local health departments. Please reach out to the applicable regional nurse consultant to schedule a session.
  • The American Lung Association has instructors throughout the state of Indiana. Please see upcoming sessions on their website at the following link: or reach out to to schedule a session.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find the current online IDOH TST course?

    Access the Indiana-Train (IN-Train) website at: . Log in to your account or create an account (if you haven't accessed this website in the past).

    From the In-Train homepage, click on the search icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Type the training plan number 5338 in the search box and click the enter key.

    Click on the training plan 'IDOH TB Basics and TB Tests Used to Identify TB Infection' that appears in the search results.

    If the training plan does not appear in the search results, please ensure that no search filters are selected and search again.

  • How do I find the course completion certificate?

    On the In-Train homepage, click on the 'Your Learning' link. Then, click on the 'Your Certificates' link. Certificates from courses/training plans completed on the In-Train platform appear in this list. Click on a particular certificate to print.

    Alternatively, access Section 4 of the 5338 Training Plan, and click the blue 'Print Certificate' button on the right hand side of the screen. The certificate will print in Adobe Acrobat.

  • The In-Train website indicated I have more than one account, and I am unable to log in. How do I proceed?

    Please reach out to for assistance as the accounts will need to be merged before proceeding.

  • I am unable to log in to In-Train. How do I proceed?

    Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. Please try entering the password again with uppercase and lowercase letters as needed.

    If you are still unable to log-in, click the 'Can't log-in' button on the In-Train homepage to request additional assistance.