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Main office phone: 317-233-7434
Fax: 317-233-7747

Indiana Department of Health
TB Prevention and Care Program
2 North Meridian Street, Section 7-K
Indianapolis, IN  46204

TB Prevention and Care Program Map (PDF)

Other Agency Contacts

Agency/Division Contact Name Contact Phone Contact E-mail
Evansville Psychiatric Children's Center Diane Sanford 812-477-6436
Evansville State Hospital   
FSSA - Bureau of Child Development Services - First Steps Christina Commons 317-234-1142
FSSA  - Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services/Bureau of Disabilities Services Shelly Thomas 317-234-2764
FSSA - Division of Mental Health and Addiction Jay Chaudhary 317-232-7860
FSSA - Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning – Head Start State Collaboration Office Lacey Rivers
IDOH Acute Care - Ambulatory Outpatient Surgical Centers Jennifer Hembree       317-232-3095
IDOH Acute Care - Home Health & Hospice
Janelyn Kulik 317-233-7480
IDOH Acute Care - Outpatient Physical Therapy and/or Outpatient Speech Pathology Services Lorraine Switzer 317-233-7502
IDOH Acute Care - Personal Care Services Mona Pervine 317-233-7510

IDOH Long-Term Care

IDOH Long-Term Care Healthcare Personnel Screening Guidance can be found at this link:

Tuberculosis and Long-Term Care - What You Should Know Webinar - March 2022
Indiana State Board of Dentistry Staff Phone 317-234-2054
Logansport State Hospital Melinda Eldridge 574-722-4141
Madison State Hospital Andrea Mangold 812-265-2611
NeuroDiagnostic Institute Angela Christy Morgan 317-941-4000 x4051
Richmond State Hospital Carmela Kitchin 765-935-9279