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2008 Recalls

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The Indiana State Department of Health Food Protection Program reports all recalls potentially affecting Indiana residents to local health departments and other related agencies. Recalls are issued by manufacturers of food and drug products, but are done so on a voluntary basis with guidance by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which regulates meat and poultry products, or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates all other products.

If you have a question about a recall, you may contact your local health department or the manufacturer for information. You can also access the FDA or USDA websites for further details.

Recall Item Recall Date
Tainted Weight Loss Pills 12/29/2008
Low Protein Imitation Cream Cheese Products 12/16/2008
Kashi GOLEAN Powder Chocolate Energy Shake Mix 12/16/2008
Hospira Inc - Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride 12/10/2008
Undeclared Wheat in Chicken Strips Products 11/26/2008
Ready-to-Eat Frozen Beef Sandwich Products 12/01/2008
Progresso Hearty Tomato Soup 11/13/2008
Frozen Stuffed Chicken Products 11/12/2008
Yulanpian Brand Dried Slices of Tender Bamboo 10/02/2008
Mr. Brown 3-in-1 and 2-in-one Coffee Mixes 10/02/2008
Mr. Brown Instant Coffee and Milk Tea Products 9/26/2008
Cracked Pepper Style Smoked Salmon 9/4/2008
Hershey's Chocolate Shell 9/5/2008
Frozen Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Sandwich Products 8/22/2008
Nebraska Firm Recalls Beef Products Expanded 8/14/2008
Nebraska Firm Recalls Beef Products 8/11/2008
Chicken Breast Products 8/7/2008
Nebraska Firm Recalls Beef Products 7/1/2008
Morphine Sulfate 60 mg Extended Release Tablets 6/13/2008
Post LiveActive Mixed Berry Crunch Cereal 6/9/2008
Infant Formula 6/2/2008
Abbot  Announces Voluntarily Worldwide Recall of Two Lots of Calcilo XD Low-Calcium/Vitamin D-Free Infant Formula with Iron Powder in 14.1-Ounce (400 g) Cans 05/30/2008
Orval Kent Foods Recalls Single Limited Production Run of Amish Macaroni Salad Sold Under the Orval Kent and Yoder's Brand Names 05/28/2008
Illinois Firm Beef Products - Possible E. coli 0157:H7 Recall 05/19/2008
KFC Corporation Voluntarily Recalling Double Chocolate Chip Cakes 04/21/2008
Grand Carnival L.L.C. of Fenton, MO-S’morestick Kits Allergy Alert  04/16/2008
Private Seclection Ice Cream 04/15/2008
Dietary Supplement Products Lnked to Adverse Reactions 04/11/2008
Dietary Supplement Recall 04/11/2008
Chicken Dumpling Soup Mix 04/10/2008
Allergy Alert on Chocolate-Covered Peanuts and Almonds 04/10/2008
Elkhorn Valley Packing Recall of Cattle Heads 04/07/2008
Chocolate Covered Select Blend Espresso Beans Allergy Alert 04/07/2008
Unsweetened Puffed Rice and Unsweetened Puffed Wheat Cereals 04/07/2008
Ohio Firm Recalls Frozen Chicken Products Due to Mislabeling 03/31/2008
Cagle’s Inc., Recall Fresh and Frozen Poultry Giblets 03/17/2008
Inovata Foods-Frozen Chicken Entrées 03/04/2008
Quaker Oats Co.-Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix 03/04/2008
Meijer Distribution Center-Frozen Chicken Entrées 03/02/2008
Wang Globalnet recalling Lotte Margaret Brand Korean Cracker 02/28/2008
Pierre’s Homestyle Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream 02/21/2008
Pokémon® branded - Valentine Cards and Pops™ 02/15/2008
Dried Pachyrhizus 02/15/2008
Annie's Naturals 02/12/2008
International Food Source Inc.- Sun Ripened Apricots 02/08/2008
Perdue Farms, Inc. Recalls Chicken Products 01/26/2008
Deli Chef Tri-Bean Salad Recalled From Some Kroger Stores 01/22/2008
New Era - Canned Green Beans and Garbanzo Beans 01/22/2008
Harry and David-4 oz. Harry & David Giant Cashews 01/23/2008
Rochester Meat Company-Ground Beef Products 01/12/2008
New Era Canning Company-Certain Lots of Mexican-style Chili Beans, Green Beans and Dark Red Kidney Beans 01/07/2008