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Indiana Produce Farm Registration

Farms covered under the Produce Safety Rule are recommended to register their farm with the State of Indiana. Farm registration is free and is easy. Maintaining registrations of produce growers will enable IDOH to quickly identify and contact farms that may be involved in outbreaks, recalls, food defense threats, or other public health emergencies.  Registration information will also allow investigators to rule out farms potentially implicated in the outbreak, preventing greater loss of product and consumer confidence.  Re-registration is not required unless there are changes to ownership, character of business, or location of business take place. Registration will also allow IDOH to send you updated good agricultural practices information.  When you register your farm with IDOH, you will receive a frameable certificate of registration.

Please complete and return the Registration Application for Produce Farms to, or mail to

Indiana Department of Health
Food Protection Division
2 North Meridian
Indianapolis, IN 46204