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GIS User Group

Members of the ISDH workforce can find more information about agency GIS activities by visiting the ISDH HDIG Info Hub page. Professionals who seek to utilize geospatial concepts and technologies for public health initiatives are welcome to participate in the Indiana GeoHealth Collaborative.

Indiana GeoHealth Collaborative

The Indiana GeoHealth Collaborative, organized as a committee of the of the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC), is a state-wide network of professionals working in a health or health-related industry who have an interest in geospatial solutions.  An IGIC membership or previous GIS experience is not required to participate.  The user group provides:  a forum for presenting geospatial projects, research and analysis by those in the health industry; a vehicle for sharing GIS data and integrating workflows; an opportunity to formulate and distribute best practices related to health GIS; and a platform for developing open geospatial tools. Contact health@igic.org for more information.