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SNAP-Ed is the nutrition education program associated with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP-Ed is designed to help low-income Hoosiers make the healthy choice the easy choice when it comes to buying and cooking food. SNAP-Ed programming provides education classes that teach tips for improving overall nutrition, cooking skills and creative ways to stretch food dollars each month. Additionally, SNAP-Ed aims to create positive and healthy changes in the physical environments surrounding eligible individuals through Policy, Systems and Environmental (PSE) strategies. The skills learned through nutrition education classes along with the positive environmental changes enable people to live healthier and happier lives.

In 2018, DNPA became the new state agency for the SNAP-Ed program in Indiana. Our mission at DNPA is to provide oversight to the program by providing nutrition content expertise and technical support to the implementing agency, which is Purdue University Extension. Additionally, we are working to strengthen state-wide collaboration with other partnering agencies to enhance the great work that Purdue is already doing.

Purdue Extension provides direct nutrition education to groups of low-income Hoosiers in each of the 92 counties. Many of the educators live in the same communities they serve. This enables them to tailor their classes to meet the specific needs of participants and help overcome barriers to quality nutrition.

Additionally, the Community Wellness Coordinators, also employed by Purdue, across the state are continually working on conducting PSE changes in coordination with community stakeholders. Some examples of these initiatives include improving access to healthy food, improving safety and feasibility of physical activity and creating opportunities to learn new skills by developing community gardens and greenspaces where people can socialize and learn from one another.

For more information on Purdue Extension’s Nutrition Education Program, visit: www.eatgathergo.org; https://www.facebook.com/PurdueNEP

In addition to ISDH’s oversight role, the SNAP-Ed Coordinators, housed within DNPA, are working to reconvene and expand Indiana’s State Nutrition Action Committee (SNAC). The goal of SNAC is to maximize state and local partnerships across Indiana to more effectively address the gaps in nutrition education and services for the SNAP-eligible audience. To learn more about this group, or to become a member, please contact jbrunnemer@isdh.in.gov or arupp@isdh.in.gov.

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