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IDOH Pressure Ulcer Toolkit

The Indiana Pressure Ulcer Initiative began in June 2008. As part of the Initiative, participants were provided with resources and tools to assist in improving their pressure ulcer prevention system. The following are resources and tools provided to participants as part of the Indiana Pressure Ulcer Initiative.




Classification of Ulcer Type

Staging of Pressure Ulcers


Consistent Assignment

Data Collection Tools

Introduction to Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Components of a Pressure Ulcer Prevention System

Pressure Ulcer Prevention System:  Improvement Programs

Pressure Ulcer Prevention System:  Home Health Agencies and Hospice Agencies

Pressure Ulcer Prevention System:  Hospitals

Pressure Ulcer Prevention System:  Long Term Care Facilities


Phase 1 presentations from the Indiana Pressure Ulcer Initiative (June 2008 - August 2010).

Phase 2 presentations from the Indiana Pressure Ulcer Initiative (July 2009 - October 2010).

Resident/Patient and Family

System Implementation Strategies

Facility / Agency Self-Assessment

Process Improvement

Skin Integrity Checklist and Guidelines

Wound Care Checklist