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Advance Directives Resource Center

This Advance Directives Resource Center is intended to provide consumers with information about advance directives in Indiana.

“Advance directive” is a term that refers to your spoken and written instructions about your future medical care and treatment. By stating your health care choices in an advance directive, you help your family and physician understand your wishes about your medical care. Indiana law pays special attention to advance directives.

Advance directives are normally one or more documents that list your health care instructions. An advance directive may name a person of your choice to make health care choices for you when you cannot make the choices for yourself. If you want, you may use an advance directive to prevent certain people from making health care decisions on your behalf.

Contact the Program

Indiana Department of Health
Consumer Services & Health Care Regulation
2 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-9691 (Commission Office)
(317) 233-1325 (IDOH Main Switchboard)

Advance Directives Brochures

The Indiana Department of Health created a brochure that provides information specific to Indiana advance directive laws. The following is a link to the brochure:

IDOH Advance Directives Brochure (English)
IDOH Advance Directives Brochure (Spanish)

The purpose of this brochure is to inform you of ways that you can direct your medical care and treatment in the event that you are unable to communicate for yourself. This brochure covers:

  • What is an advance directive?
  • Are advance directives required?
  • What happens if you do not have an advance directive?
  • What are the different types of advance directives?


Indiana law recognizes several types of advance directives. The following are the advance directive forms.

(PDF | Word) Health Care Representative Appointment

(PDF | Word) Health Care Representative Appointment (Spanish)

(PDF | Word) Life Prolonging Procedures Declaration

(PDF | Word) Living Will Declaration

(PDF | Word) Living Will Declaration (Spanish)

(PDF) Out-of-hospital Do Not Resuscitate Declaration and Order

(PDF | Word) Physicians Order for Scope of Treatment (POST)

PREPARE for your Care – Sample Advance Directive Form

Laws and Regulations

Indiana Code 16-18-2

Indiana Code 16-36
Chapter 1:  Health Care Consent
Chapter 1.5:  Consent for Mental Health Services
Chapter 1.7:  Psychiatric Advance Directives
Chapter 2:  Consent to Autopsy
Chapter 3:  Consent to Medical Treatment of Incompetent
Chapter 4:  Living Wills and Life Prolonging Procedures
Chapter 5:  Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate Declarations
Chapter 6:  Physician Order for Scope of Treatment (POST)

Indiana Code 29-2-16.1
Indiana Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

Indiana Code 30-5
Indiana Powers of Attorney Act


Advance Directives, MedlinePlus, U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health
This website provides information about advance directives and provides links to other sites providing additional information.

Indiana Adult Guardianship Services Project
The Indiana Adult Guardianship Services Project (IAGS Project) began in 2008. The mission of the project is to improve the quality and availability of adult guardianship services for Hoosiers who are age 18 and older and have been determined to be incapable of handling their own personal and financial affairs. The purpose of the project is to build a framework of community-based adult guardianship services projects / programs across the state.

Indiana State Guardianship Association
The Indiana State Guardianship Association was organized to strengthen guardianship and related services through networking, education, and tracking and commenting on legislation. A goal of the association is to improve services to people who are elderly, have mental illness, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and other incapacitating disabilities.

National State by State Directory of POST Programs
This is a link to a state by state directory of Physician Order for Scope of Treatment (POST) programs. POST is known by different names in different states. Many states use the term POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment).