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Home and Community Based Care

The Division of Home and Community Based Care is responsible for licensing and certification programs for home health agencies, home health aides, personal care services agencies, mobile out-of-state health care entities, hospice agencies, and end stage renal disease facilities (ESRD). The Indiana Department of Health has created individual program home pages for the programs. Links to the program pages are below.

Report a Complaint or Incident to the IDOH

Report a complaint regarding a health care facility

Individuals can call or email to make complaints about care provided at any licensed or certified Indiana health care providers or suppliers.

Report an incident regarding a health care facility

The Incident Report Form is for health care facilities to notify the Indiana Department of Health of a reportable incident pursuant to the IDOH Reportable Unusual Occurrence Policy.  The Incident Report Form is also for health care facility staff (nursing homes, intermediate care facilities, and hospice agencies) to report a reasonable suspicion of a crime against a resident pursuant to Federal regulations.  This form is not to be used to file a complaint.


Home and Community Based Care Newsletter

Paying Minimum Wage and Overtime to Home Care Workers: A Guide for Consumers and their Families to the FLSA (U.S. Department of Labor)

Home and Community Based Care Licensing and Certification Programs

Department of Child Services Residential Facility Compliance

End Stage Renal Disease Facility (ESRD) Certification Program

Home Health Agency (HHA) Licensing and Certification Program

Home Health Aide (HHA) Registration Program

Hospice Agency Licensing and Certification Program

Informal Dispute Resolution Program (HHA)

Mobile Out-of-State Health Care Entity Registration Program

Personal Care Services Agency Licensing Program

Rural Health Clinic Certification Program


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Home and Community Based Care Telephone Guide
Division Organization Chart
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