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Supported Decision-Making

About Supported Decision-Making

The Council is a member of a state coalition to educate and inform families, people with disabilities and professionals about Supported Decision-Making (SDM) as an alternative to guardianship. Under an SDM agreement individuals with disabilities make choices about their own lives with support from a team of people they select to assist them in making certain decisions.

Indiana’s new Supported Decision-Making law, Senate Enrolled Act 380, became effective on July 1, 2019. It establishes the option for supported decision-making and requires that SDM and/or other less restrictive alternative be tried before a court grants guardianship.

Overview information

Guardianship & Alternatives – Briefly describes alternatives to Guardianship including SDM, by The Arc of Indiana (1 page)

Exploring Decision-Making Supports- This tool is designed through LifeCourse Framework to assist individuals and supporters to explore decision making support needs for each life domain. (2 pages)

Top 7 Things to Know About Supported Decision-Making- Overview of SDM, by the Indiana Disability Rights Network (2 pages)