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State Plan Amendment Updates

The Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program State Plans are Indiana's agreements with the federal government as to the design and operation of the Medicaid and CHIP programs, respectively. Indiana amends the state plans in order to inform the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of programmatic and financing changes and to secure legal authority for those changes, which ensures continued federal funding. Pursuant to IC 12-15-1.3-17.5, OMPP also submits state plan amendments to the State Budget Committee for review.  Below are pending Medicaid and CHIP State Plan Amendments as well as links to state and federal resources for historical purposes.

Pending Children's Health Insurance Program State Plan Amendments


Pending Medicaid State Plan Amendments

17-015 Intern Reimbursement

18-001 HHW/HCC/HIP Transition

18-004 NEMT Broker

18-005 Community Health Workers

18-006 Recovery Audit Contractors

18-007 AMHH

18-008 NF Report Card

18-009 Transfer Policy


Indiana Medicaid State Plan

CMS' repository of Indiana Medicaid State Plan Amendments

CMS' repository of Indiana Children's Health Insurance Program State Plan Amendments